Which Would Be The Best Way To Persuade Your Boss To Implement A Flex-Time Schedule In Your Office?

Answer: You can use a variety of approaches to convince your boss that a flex-time schedule is in the best interests of all concernedand you’ll be able to manage this successfully if you keep these six factors in mind.

1. Keep it simple and clear. Most people are more interested in what they get than how much time they have with their families, so make sure the benefits clearly outweigh any downsides.

2. Offer information before making your case for change (even though you may need to provide additional data later). Ask yourself questions like “How would I feel about working from home one day per month or taking three days off each week?” It’s important that your boss knows exactly what flexibility means to you at first hearingyour request will seem more reasonable when he understands why it’s needed rather than just being told, “You won’t believe how good I feel after working four 10-hour days!” Talk about it openly if possible; avoid phrases such as “It never hurts to ask.”

3. Make certain everyone understands which employees will receive flexible schedules first and under what conditionsthey should also know who isn’t eligible for any changes, since some managers may view them as less committed employees or may have other objections (“What if someone wants an extra day off tomorrow? Are we supposed to take him through security at noon?”)

4. Assemble all relevant facts ahead of timeso no one has an excuse not presentableafterwardand take