When You Must Handle Several Hazards At The Same Time, The Best Tactic Is To

make sure all the risks are covered.”

Some of those hazards include:

The risk of electrical shock from a microwave oven, hair dryer or electric fence. Electrical contact can occur anywhere an appliance is plugged into a wall outlet. The safest location for your power cords is under a table or chair where they won’t be tripped over by children and will be out of reach to pets. If you have no other options, run your microwave cord along one side of the room so there’s at least 3 feet between it and any walls – especially if you have young children in the household. Leave enough slack so that when someone reaches for something on top of your refrigerator, he doesn’t accidentally brush against an extension cord hanging down from above. Some people use plastic ties to secure their cords but I find they’re too cumbersome because once a person has tied them around something solid like a mailbox post, she feels safe enough not remove them until after dinner’s been served! Once again, don’t forget about connecting appliances near furniture – doorknobs also pose dangers because some people don’t realize how easily kids can push buttons with arthritic fingers as well as open doors while holding onto handles!