When is the Best Time to Use Boost on Match?

If you’re a Tinder user, then you know that there are many different things to consider before deciding on best time to use a boost. For example, the best time to use boost may depend on what type of day it is – if it’s a weekday or weekend. If you’re not sure about the best time to use a boost, here are some tips!

Boosting in the morning

Boosting at 10 am will have more success than boosting at noon because people might be busy and not looking for new matches in the morning. This tells you the person you are likely to match with is a morning person and that can signal some compatibility for your relationship if you were to go out on a date.

Boosting at lunch

Boosting during lunchtime will generate more matches because people are checking their phones while they eat and won’t want to miss out on potential dates. Lunchtime is a great time to match with anyone. Most people are in a good mood in the middle of the day and are likely to strike up a decent conversation.

Boosting in the evening

When boosting in the evening, you can expect to match with people who are looking for a date and will most likely be using the app during this time. Evenings can be a very busy time on the app. You can expect to see a lot of matches, even without boosting. These are people who are single and want to find a date.

Just think, if they had a date, they would be out on that date. They don’t want to spend too much time on the app and would rather have a match to start talking to and go out on a potential date.

Boosting at night

Boosting at night could mean a handful of different things. It could mean boosting at any time between the hours of 11 pm and midnight. It also includes boosting from midnight to an hour before you go to sleep, which is typically around 12 am.

Boosting in these times means that you are meeting people who are looking for a late-night date or someone with whom they can simply chat until the late hours.

Use a boost anytime

Some people have busy lives and you never know when they’re available to check their phones. That’s why it’s best to use Boost at any time. You can boost whenever you’re available and when your target is also, so there are no missed opportunities or wasted boosts.