When Is The Best Time To Worm A Dog


I think you can worm any time of the year. I don’t see why it should be when the dog is shedding its coat or when it’s in heat, when maybe they are vulnerable to parasites. Worming at other times in the year may do more good than harm, but I think it works best if done in conjunction with a course of antibiotics for parasites. It also makes sense to use worming products that contain fewer chemicals and which are gentler on your dog’s system than ‘traditional’ chemical-laden powders; these work differently by affecting worms through their eggs rather than their living bodies (see below).

How often should my dog be wormed? Owing to build up over time, most dogs won’t show symptoms immediately after becoming infected with tapeworms or roundworms (which tend to live within your dog), so after an initial flush where you might notice your pet licking its tongue excessively, they will probably go quiet again for some weeks before you start noticing signs like increased appetite and weight loss/gain etc., during which period there is still plenty of time for them to become infected with other kinds of parasite. I would therefore suggest doing regular monthly doses unless otherwise advised by veterinary advice – this is what we do here at MAPAQDOGS 🙂