When Is The Best Time To Workout To Gain Weight


This is a good question to ask yourself. Women generally gain weight more quickly than men, so women should focus on gaining muscle mass and strength rather than just adding some extra padding. On the other hand, there are several different types of people who want to gain weight faster. Some of these are extreme athletes who have very little fat on their bodies and need to put it back on for performance purposes; others are simply looking for size gains in the form of increases in lean body mass (LBM). For both groups there can be benefits from spending an hour or two each day lifting weights at the gym with proper nutrition. The average woman burns roughly 130 calories per hour while working out at the gym, but if she wants to do this type of workout 3-4 times each week then her caloric intake has got to increase accordingly as well (for example by eating about 400 additional calories every single day). A good rule of thumb would be that you shouldn’t spend more than 20 percent of your calorie intake doing cardio work like running or biking, so if you’re trying to gain 1 pound/week then expect 1000 extra calories each week added onto your diet! Men burn almost 200 calories per hour when they exercise aerobically compared with around 300 when working out through resistance training. This means that most men could benefit greatly from adding resistance training into their routine since it burns far more energy even though they may not look any bigger after doing so!