When Is The Best Time To Weigh Yourself To Get Your True Weight


To get your true weight, you need to weigh yourself at the same time of day every single day. If you have a scale that measures in pounds and ounces, then using that scale is the most accurate way to determine your true weight. It’s also important not to use a bathroom scale because many people will try and make their weight seem lighter by peeing on it or stepping off of it after weighing themselves.

7. What do I do if I gain 5 lbs? A lot of people think they can’t gain any more than 2-3 lbs per week (more like 1 lb per week) but this doesn’t take into account all types of exercise and how quickly one can add muscle mass while losing fat! The average person may be able to lose about 1-2 lbs per week through diet alone; however, once someone starts adding muscle mass and working out consistently, they will see an increase in both fat loss and muscle growth within just 4 weeks! This means that with proper dieting based on our recommendations for each individual, we should eventually reach our goal size regardless of how much we weigh before beginning the program! We recommend starting around 3/4ths bodyweight which is 200lbs + 5lbs = 205lbs for example or 90kg + 10kg = 100kg for example depending on what’s comfortable for you personally!

8. Does supercompensation occur? Yes recovery does happen during the eating window as explained above but there are other factors too