When Is The Best Time To Wean A Baby

from the breast?

I am a 34-year-old mother of two. I started breastfeeding my daughter when she was one week old and continued to nurse her until she was about four years old. My son is now 9, so he’s been nursing longer than my daughter did. We have always enjoyed our time together, but at his age it seems like he doesn’t need as much milk as my daughter used to eat per day. Is there any reason why this would be? Could it be that he isn’t getting enough nutrients from me because of the amount of time we are spending together? He also recently lost 10 pounds, which also concerns me!

Dr. Greene’s Answer: Most likely your son will continue to grow well on cow’s milk alone for quite some time yet without supplements or other changes in diet or exercise routine–but you may want to introduce protein snacks if your child is already losing weight (especially weight over the anterior superior iliac spine) since protein is essential for growth and repair after birth (see “Supplementing Infants’ Diets” below). You could ask your pediatrician what kind of bottle has worked best with your children–whether glass or plastic–and how often they should be washed/sterilized/cleaned/refilled by date stamped on them; then discuss these issues with him or her once they’ve made their recommendations about bottles, etc., including frequency of replacement bottles needed for growth reasons based on weights achieved during