When Is The Best Time To Water

my plants?

The best time to water your plants is when the soil is neither too dry nor too wet. If you’re looking for a watering schedule that works with your lifestyle, try these tips:

• In the morning, soak all of your pots and containers in warm water prior to turning on the faucet. Don’t overdo it—just enough to create an inch or two of standing moisture around each pot. Then leave them out until nightfall before filling them up again.

• For containers sitting outdoors, use a watering wand (a long-handled tool with a nozzle designed to make certain spots of soil moist). A trickle from this can will keep those beds fully watered without any risk of overwatering!

• Indoors, set out some shallow dishes filled with water as “water tables” at different heights along walls and windowsills so that as soon as the top one dries up during dinnertime, you have another ready for drinking. Or put these dishes near places where seeds are germinating or growing inside plastic trays on windowsill benches so they can be easily accessed throughout their life cycles.

• Use our DIY formula listed earlier in this chapter for determining how much water should go into each container every day; then rotate which containers get fresh new dampness first each week—and only fill those ones slowly through small openings rather than flooding them with cold tap water straight from the kitchen