When Is The Best Time To Water Your Vegetable Garden


You can water almost any vegetable garden at any time of the season. You’ll need to judge how much you’re watering and if it’s too wet, then give it a few hours to dry out before giving your plants another dose of water. If you live in an area that is prone to frost or freezes, then I would recommend waiting until later on in the growing season for most vegetables. That said, there are exceptions: Tomatoes will do fine if they’ve been watered two weeks before a freeze but they won’t bloom as well during the heat of summer unless they have been watered regularly throughout their entire lives (such as with drip irrigation). Lettuce and spinach don’t like being cold so I wouldn’t recommend them for areas where temperatures drop below freezing in winter; however, these plants will grow even in colder regions when given regular moisture during late spring through mid-summer. The same goes for bok choy – this Chinese cabbage doesn’t like cold weather but its roots store up excess nutrients during the fall months (which is when it should be planted) which makes it very hearty outdoors all year round!

What size hole should my seeds go into? Do you know what type of soil I need? What about potting mix? How many days does my seed take to germinate/sprout? For what types of planting mediums do you suggest using/what kinds work best with certain crops? Where can I find each kind locally