When Is The Best Time To Water The Grass

? Is there a certain time of day when it is best to do so? Are there particular plants that grow better in hot or cold weather? What about the half-life of nutrients in the soil, and how long can you add fertilizer without poisoning your lawn?

And what about pruning grasses and shrubs. There’s the perennial question: Should I cut my roses back every spring, or maintain them as they are throughout the season? Do I mow around trees, or simply let their branches arch over all manner of things on a daily basis? And then there’s simple stuff like whether to bevel corners with edging stones. How much cement should go into my driveway before laying down gravel for traction—and if so how many pounds per square foot will get me where I want to go?

A solution to all these questions would seem ideal. But at this point we have no hard data supporting any one set of guidelines above another. In fact some gardening advisors have argued that most gardeners don’t even know enough about their gardens—or themselves—to determine which techniques work best for them.