When Is The Best Time To Water Succulents


Succulents are generally not as thirsty as most other plants, so you can water them whenever it is appropriate for your climate. However, if you notice that they do show signs of thirst (dry soil), try to provide the plant with more water during these times – this will allow them to develop their own reserves of moisture. If they do not seem like they need water at all, then don’t! Succulents grow very well without any kind of watering; some even thrive in desert conditions! There are many factors which influence how much and when your succulent needs to be watered: what time of year it is (more or less summer), whether there has been a lot of rain recently (water will hold longer in soil) or whether the weather has changed suddenly due to windy conditions.

How often should I water my cactus?

Follow general rules for watering houseplants first before deciding on frequency for succulents. Once established, however, once every ten days or so is ideal according to most experts within horticulture including botanists and nursery managers who maintain large collections. Cacti require more frequent watering than other houseplants because their root systems reach down into the ground where rainfall collects creating an excellent source of moisture just beneath the surface!

It’s important that you use warm tap water rather than cold tap water when watering succulents especially those exposed to warmer climates since cold temperatures can cause leaves & stems