When Is The Best Time To Water Lawns


1. Watering during the early morning hours reduces evaporation losses and ensures that water runs off to avoid flooding.

2. During cold winter months, it is best to water lawns in the late afternoon or evening, when grass has grown enough to take up most of its own moisture (soaker hoses are an alternative).

3. If you have heavy clay soil, wait until after a rainstorm; wet ground will make drainage problems worse than if it had rained on dry ground beforehand. Also be sure not to soak your grass with too much irrigation at one time—a light trickle works better than a downpour!

4. It’s important for new lawns not to have standing water when starting out—water only once daily for the first week or so because lawns need time to germinate and develop root systems before they can handle more frequent watering schedules over longer periods of time without suffering damage from lack of adequate oxygen supply in their roots due to low humidity conditions in their immediate surroundings after being watered excessively in order for them not to die overnight while waking up dehydrated because all the excess water was sucked by thirsty developing roots into undersaturated lower zones where no oxygen can reach them but instead gets absorbed by dead leaves left behind already dying from lack of air reaching there thanks all this excessive watering which then makes people believe that “that’ll do them good” . . . oh, how wrong I am