When Is The Best Time To Water Lawn


Plants do not need to be watered on a regular basis. If the soil is moist enough, and there are no extreme heat or cold temperatures (below 32 degrees for more than 24 hours), they will be fine without water. However, you should make sure that your plant remains evenly watered at all times; this ensures that roots maintain moisture while also preventing fungus and pests from taking hold in the soil. Lack of adequate watering can cause root rot – it’s important to know when to water! Light mulches such as straw help retain moisture by reflecting light back into the soil, retains 80% of its original weight after 3 months and provides excellent protection against weeds due to their high organic content

Is it true that my houseplants will die if I don’t water them every day?

It is normal for most houseplants not to require daily watering. Houseplants thrive with consistent moisture levels throughout their entire growing season so long as proper drainage is provided through pots or planters made from plastic or ceramic materials weighted down with rocks or pebbles in order to prevent soggy bottoms! These types of containers allow excess rainfall run off into gutters outside your home where it can drain away quickly before causing flooding inside your home – an ideal situation for both plant health and safety!