When Is The Best Time To Water Cannabis Plants


What is the best way to water cannabis plants? It’s a very important question that needs an answer. Watering your plants properly will help them grow well, and produce more buds at harvest time. The following guide will give you some insight on how often to water cannabis plants depending on various factors such as temperature, humidity and light conditions. In this article we also explain why you should always be sure to use fresh water for watering your marijuana plant or seedling instead of tap or rainwater from outside.

How Often Should You Water Cannabis Plants? – Temperature-Humidity And Light Conditions As a general rule of thumb it is recommended that healthy growing cannabis plants should be watered two times a week during warm months (April – September). During cooler months (October – March) they only need to be watered once every seven days during the day, but preferably not any less than twice per week as described above so as to avoid root burn and insufficient oxygen supply in the soil duelling with too much foliage growth reducing photosynthesis thereby decreasing overall energy levels resulting in poor flowering performance and an increased risk of bud rot developing. Furthermore there are other things which can result in reduced yield such as heat stress especially if exposed directly under hot sun for long periods without shade ventilation e.g: tall outdoor grows where there is no room to move around fans etc.), over watering because it causes roots problems via low oxygen levels caused by excessive foliage growth combined with high temperatures causing physiological stress