When Is The Best Time To Vote

? Well, that’s up to you. You can do it as early as 8 p.m. on May 16 or any time between now and June 7.”

We have a special guest today. A man who has spent his life studying elections… He is Dr. Michael McDonald at the University of Florida in Gainesville … And he joins us here tonight from Tallahassee, Florida… Great to have you with us.. I’d like to introduce Dr McDonald.. Can we start off by asking you what are your thoughts about this election? What do you see happening?

MICHAEL McDONALD: Well first let me say thank you for having me on the show again… We’re almost two years since our last conversation but there’s still much more to talk about regarding these elections and the 2016 general election which will take place next year if things continue along their current course… As far as where we stand right now nothing really seems very different than it did before this campaign began…. There were no major upsets in early voting states like Iowa or Nevada for example…. At least not yet anyway… The Democratic primaries were relatively uneventful aside from Bernie Sanders pulling out some surprises across several key states even though Hillary won every one of them handily…. It looks like Clinton will win California too so perhaps she’ll pull back her lead over Trump just enough over time to give herself some breathing room heading into November when these crucial battlegrounds swing into action…. But overall I think both