When Is The Best Time To Visit Nicaragua

The best time to visit Nicaragua is during the dry season, from November through May. The rainy season (June-October) can be dangerous and humid, and also affects tourism because many roads are washed out by standing water. During the dry season the weather is warm, sunny and beautiful with little humidity; temperatures range from 70 degrees Fahrenheit in Managua to 80 degrees Fahrenheit on the Caribbean coast. In July and August it often reaches 100 degrees F., but this does not last for long as soon as you leave these months behind you enter a new world of beauty: green mountains along the Pacific Coast, dense rainforest in eastern Nicaragua, volcanoes that cast spectacular shadows over valleys at sunrise or sunset. You will want to plan your trip so that it takes place between November and April when there isn’t much rain which means less mud on dirt roads making driving easier. It’s also nice if you don’t have too many plans while visiting since traveling around Nicaraguans tend to take their vacations in either March or June – both off-season months for tourists!

There are plenty of reasons why Nicaraguan culture has earned its reputation for being one of Latin America’s most colorful cultures: its people possess an energetic vigor quite unlike any other Central American country; they enjoy music very much–and everywhere! Music overflows from every cafe terrace & storefront street corner…From a cappuccino bar listening to a steel drum band play “La Bamba,” salsa