When Is The Best Time To Visit Israel


Is there an over-all best time to visit Israel? The answer is, the only really good time to go would be in summer. If you want a bit of sun and warmth and some shopping for souvenirs (actually I think that’s all we do here), then May through August will give you those three things. There are also very nice winter months as well, but this is not the most comfortable time to travel. Winter days can be very cold and rainy or snowing. At times it gets so cold that snow falls on Tel Aviv (the Israeli city with the warmest urban climate!). But if warm weather is what makes your holiday dreams come true, don’t worry about getting caught outside during rainstorms–we’ll look after you! And whatever haps on any given day no matter how hot or cold it may get: You’ll always find someone out enjoying themselves at one of our beaches, bars or restaurants!