When Is The Best Time To Visit Dominican Republic


Dominican Republic is one of the most underrated countries in the world. It’s not known for its beaches; it has an understated vibe, which makes it feel like a secret to everyone except those who live there. And while you might think that this means less tourists than other parts of Latin America, Dominican Republic actually benefits from more tourism than you would expect! This is because Dominicans are so welcoming and hospitable to foreigners that they often invite them into their homes or offer them rides when they don’t have anything else planned for the day. Because visitors are treated so kind-heartedly here, many choose to stay longer in order to get involved with local culture and customs—and in turn learn about how incredible this country really is! However, if you want make sure your visit will be perfect (in terms of weather, activities offered by locals), try planning your trip during these times: January – February March / April May June July August September October November December