When Is The Best Time To Visit Bryce Canyon


There is no one time of year to visit Bryce Canyon. The only disadvantage of visiting the park in the winter is that it gets quite cold and there can be snow on top of parts of the rim, but this doesn’t happen too often. Some people also prefer colder temperatures when they are hiking near waterfalls, so check out our post on how to hike in winter for some tips and advice!

Where do I go if I want to stay overnight?

There is a campground located near the visitor center (which we highly recommend) and several established hotels at various locations around town. If you wish to stay over night we strongly suggest booking your accommodation before arriving as most places fill up quickly during peak season (May-September). You can book online or call 1-877-444-6777 for more information about accommodations available in bryce canyon national park. Stay updated with our blog posts for upcoming events like hikes, weddings & parties!