When Is The Best Time To Visit Berlin

Best time to visit Berlin is between April and October. You can expect to see beautiful colors, the leaves are just about fall out of the trees, and there’s plenty of walking trails where you can admire nature! We love this time period because it’s not too hot yet but also doesn’t lose any chill with a jacket or scarf. It will be warm enough for 25-35 degrees Celsius (77 – 95 Fahrenheit) which makes it an excellent day trip from Copenhagen or even a weekend away in Berlin. You could go as early as March 1st if you want some snow on your feet during winter!

How much does it cost? Accommodation prices vary widely depending on what area of Berlin you choose to stay in. If you don’t mind staying somewhere close to things like Alexanderplatz or Hackeschmidt, then rates tend to be around 80-150 euro per night whereas if you want something further out they may run up into 950+ euros per night – so definitely check that rate before booking anything! With all these costs being dependent on your accommodation choice, we suggest looking at our hotel reviews for ideas of how much a room would typically cost when looking at different areas within central berlin. Some popular sites include: http://visitberlin/booking/pricing/. Our top picks from around Central berlin for budget travellers are listed below: Hostel #1 -TU Hostel – located