When Is The Best Time To View The Northern Lights


The best time to view the northern lights will vary depending on location and conditions. Some places in Norway and Sweden do not experience much activity at all due to cloud cover, so you may want to try elsewhere. For example, Lapland in Finland has seen more than 18 million people visit for this reason alone. The last few years have shown an increase in active days with a peak of over 300 per year from 2012-2017 (Galeazzi et al., 2017). You can find detailed information about viewing locations here: https://www.noraasiatourism.no/en/sightseeing-northern-lights/viewing-the-northern-lights/. Additionally, if there is snow or ice on the ground then it makes it harder for people to see the lights (see ‘How does one go out and watch Aurora Borealis?’). If we could wave a magic wand we would ban winter altogether but science shows that when skies are clear for many hours after midnight there is likely to be some activity!