When Is The Best Time To Use Preseed

and postseed in FreeBSD unless you know what you’re doing:

For the most part, we recommend using preseed and postseed during installation/upgrade. For example, if a network card needs to be configured at boot time (e.g., ISDN), simply add the following lines to /etc/rc before starting sshd : # The commands for setting up any hardware drivers that may be required rc-update add isdn_tty0 ‘NOZERR=yes’ If your system has been updated from an earlier version of FreeBSD, then make sure that the new kernel properly picks up all devices with a UDEV rule instead of loading them statically into physical memory. To check this, run kldstat on every device listed in /dev . Look for entries like “udev: loaded interface eth1” or “usbmouse: loaded interface(s) wsmouse1”. In addition to ensuring that udev gets installed correctly after an upgrade, ensure that initrd runs when it should by adding -k to your kernel command line options. Refer here for more information about changing kernel command line options while running from NFS root file systems or remotely via ssh .