When Is The Best Time To Use A Sauna


How often should you use a sauna? The answer is: as much as possible! Research has shown that an average person in good health who exercises moderately can safely spend up to 15 minutes in a therapeutic sauna every day. That’s about 3-4 times per week. You can increase your time in the sauna by 5-10 minutes each time you go, if you want to.

What kind of water do I need for my body? How much water should I drink while exercising in the heat? There are two main types of human beings on this planet, those with hard drinking systems and those with soft drinking systems. If your system is hard (that means it absorbs liquids quickly) then no more than four cupsful of fluid per hour is enough during exercise in moderate temperatures without causing cramps or other problems. For most people, four 8 oz glasses will be sufficient. If your system is not so strong then six cupsful will achieve the same amount of hydration necessary for regular physical activity during exercise at these temperatures without causing cramping or other problems.[5] What about severe hot weather when fluids are required all the time? Drinking 6 – 10 cupsful per hour will ensure adequate hydration through mild dehydration.[6] When working out under very hot conditions where dehydrating becomes necessary, drinking even more helps prevent dehydration from building up too quickly or staying too long out there on its own before being eliminated via perspiration.[7] To get