When Is The Best Time To Use A Pregnancy Test


A: That varies with each test, so you should always follow the directions on your packaging. For some tests, knowing when to use them can be difficult because there are no standard guidelines or any studies that prove exactly when they are most effective. Some doctors recommend using a pregnancy test about two weeks before you think you might be pregnant and then again at 14 to 16 weeks after your missed period to confirm the results. Others say it’s okay to wait until 20-24 days after your missed period—although this is more of an estimate than anything else since many people don’t know their exact date of ovulation (when they were actually able to get pregnant), how long their periods usually last, or what day their next one will arrive. However, if both tests come back negative, there’s no need for another one unless either has changed its instructions in the meantime or you decide that everything looks fine but want confirmation just in case.

Q: What are home pregnancy tests? How do they work? And why would I even bother taking one? Aren’t doctors supposed to tell me if I am pregnant before I take a test?

A: Home pregnancy tests work by detecting hCG hormone levels in urine several days after fertilization has occurred; hCG is found only during pregnancy and right after delivery as well as very early on following unprotected intercourse. The amount detected depends upon how recently conception took place and whether someone has been exposed