When Is The Best Time To Upgrade Your Phone


The big question is when to upgrade your phone, and there are a number of factors involved. Your battery life will be the biggest factor in deciding whether you want to upgrade or not. If you’re looking for an iPhone 6S that lasts longer on one charge, then it would make sense to go with the iPhone 6S Plus instead of upgrading from the 6S but if your usage patterns are very heavy on data then an iPhone 6S will work just fine. The more horsepower under the hood, generally speaking, helps improve performance so if you have only had a 4-year-old device previously this would probably be worth considering upgrading at some point even though most people don’t really notice any real difference between 2 years of updates except maybe security patches which often aren’t applied until months after they are made available by Apple. Some Android phones get updated more frequently than others depending upon manufacturer but I wouldn’t recommend waiting too long since new features tend to come quicker over time rather than faster once they are released on newer models. With better processors comes improved responsiveness while higher resolution screens also produce crisper text and images especially with multi-touch capabilities like pinch/zoom/rotate functions while apps can gain advantages via multitasking abilities allowing for easier switching between multiple apps without having to exit all open programs first before resuming another app or task using backgrounding functionality provided by many modern operating systems such as Android Marshmallow (6) and iOS 10 (7