When Is The Best Time To Turn On Sprinklers


The most important thing is to have a system that will work in all weather conditions. That means you need to be prepared for rainy days and sunny days, so choose sprinklers with multiple spray heads which can switch from a fine mist down to a powerful stream of water when needed. But what about the best time of day? In general, sprinkler systems should be turned on when it rains or when temperatures are expected to reach into the 80s or 90s during the summer months. Ideally they should also be switched off before it gets dark but if your irrigation system doesn’t include dusk-to-dawn lighting then there may not always be an option for switching them off at night! Whatever your season of choice, make sure you get more than one set up around your property — we recommend having three separate zones: one for each zone and an additional third zone (which operates only during our peak watering times). You can find out how many zones you need by checking out our handy guide here . Once you know how many zones you really do want on your property, let us help get them installed right away!