When Is The Best Time To Trim Lilac Bushes


Lilac bushes are not usually pruned until they have bloomed. If you’re looking for the best time to do so, look at the leaves of your bush. Anytime the flowers are open the foliage will be full and green. When this happens, it is a good time to cut back your lilac branches or trim them completely. This will encourage new growth that has more health and vigor than older branches might have had in past years.[6]

How often should I feed my violets? How much should I feed each year?

Violet plants need very little water or nutrients because their roots are adapted to following cracks in rock, where most of their food comes from. Some people think that because these plants grow underground they don’t need any fertilizer but there are two facts that say otherwise: 1) mineral salts build up slowly over several years in rocks around violet plants’ roots; 2) The soil under rocks does not contain enough organic matter to support plant life well without being fertilized with nitrogen-rich manure.[7] It’s important not only to follow proper drainage procedures when planting violets but also fertilize regularly during dormancy even if you forget about them once summer starts!

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