When Is The Best Time To Trim Fruit Trees


Everywhere else in the world, fruit trees are harvested at least once a year. In Florida they can be harvested yearly or every other year, but not both! When to harvest is important because if you don’t leave them for long enough then fruits won’t ripen properly and will rot before they reach maturity. Also, the tree may have been damaged from being left too long without blooms and even more damage could occur from harvesting it when it isn’t mature. The best time to harvest your fruit trees is just after blooming has finished and just before new inflorescence growth begins on the next flower bud set on that branch. It really depends on how long it takes each of these stages to complete so I would recommend asking your local nursery professional about what their recommended times are for trimming specific types of fruit trees. If possible, pick up a few different varieties of a particular type of fruit tree so you can get an idea for when they should be ready for harvest based off your experience with those two varieties only!

downy mildew on citrus?

Downy Mildew (Peronospora citrophora) tends to attack citrus plants at the end of August into September depending upon which part of Florida you live in as well as various factors such as temperature changes during this time period. This fungus affects all parts of citrus plants including leaves, flowers, twigs and some roots which makes this disease difficult to manage through pesticides