When Is The Best Time To Trim Bushes Back

before the weather turns cold?

Weeks before the ground freezes (or at least starts to freeze) is when you can often get away with trimming back your bushes. If it’s too early, the damage will be more extensive and it will end up costing you more in time and money. It doesn’t have to snow or rain for that matter, just freezing temps are enough to cause some damage. The idea is that if there isn’t any ice on the ground, then there won’t be anything broken by removing branches while they are still healthy. I would also suggest cutting out all of those twigs from around your house so they don’t come down during a storm! We do this all winter long so we always have room for them on our property – plus everyone else does too. This way you know exactly where everything is so when winter comes along you don’t accidentally cut something down unintentionally or into something that should not ever be touched by anyone other than trained professionals!