When Is The Best Time To Travel To Prague

, where is the best place to stay, how much time should i spend in prague?

Prague is a great city. You can find here everything you need…just be patient and don’t hurry up all the time! 🙂 I have spent many days of my life in Prague(or more precisely – Czech Republic). Here are some of my recommendations for your visit: First of all choose one of those different “Hostels” located around town. They are cheap but they offer really good service (and it’s also what you pay for). If you want to save money then go to hostel Strahovka on králíkova street. It’s clean, nice atmosphere and very close from main sightseeing areas like Old Town Square or Wenceslas Square etc) Try not to drink too much beer! The locals aren’t big drinkers so if they see someone drunk it will make them look bad… I would say that there are two types of people who come back home after their first trip to Czech republic- those who want new experiences every single day and those who just see something interesting/ shocking/ amusing once or twice and move on with their lives.. To me both groups seem equally stupid 😛 Ok well this was already long enough so let me finish by saying: Enjoy your stay in Prague!! 🙂