When Is The Best Time To Travel To Belize


Belize is very diverse. It has jungle, desert, the coast and lots of waterfalls. I like to go there with my boyfriend in March or April (March is better for me because it’s warmer but December is also good). The best time to visit Belize would be different by each person depending on their interests. For us, we love hiking so we really enjoy going during spring/summertime when you can see all kinds of flowers blooming around the Mayan ruins at Tikal National Park which are located southeast of San Ignacio town where most people stay over night before they head out towards the forested area that contains most Mayan Ruins that date back thousands years ago! You can always book excursions through your hotel receptionist for local attractions too such as 5-star hotels like Hilton, Sandals etc., although this may incur an additional cost. Overall I think June – October would be suitable for visiting Belize if you want peace & quiet as there are not many tourists during these months compared to other high season times.