When Is The Best Time To Transplant Zebra Grass


Zebra grass is a short-lived perennial. In most areas it will grow in the spring and summer for about three to four months, then die back for the winter season. However, zebra grass may live longer in some climates if you take care of its needs during these months. For example, zebra grass that grew in Zone 4a/b could survive all year long with proper care once transplanted into Zone 6 or 7 soil conditions. The best time to transplant the plant is when there are no significant temperatures over 50 degrees F at night and above 80 degrees F during daylight hours. If temperatures rise above 95 degrees F during daytime hours or fall below 40 degrees F overnight, this would be considered a heat wave and your ZEBRA GRASS could start dying back again!

How do I get my ZEBRA GRASS stalks through holes?

You can use scissors to cut them so they fit easily through the hole without bending too much on their own accord! Simply scissor one side of stalk close enough to prevent any bending on its own right before inserting it into another area where more room is available (like around trees). Do not push stems thru holes as this might break off some hiding leaves instead of getting rid of them!

When should I call Prosumer Plants?