When Is The Best Time To Transplant Strawberries


Strawberries are best transplanted when the soil temperature is between 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit. With hot temperatures, your plants will have a harder time adjusting to the new climate so it’s important to wait until they become acclimated. This season you can transplant strawberries in early spring, just after flowering has finished. Spring is also an ideal time because it allows for longer days and warmer nights which are essential for plant growth during the growing season.

How big of transplants should I buy?

You want to order enough plants that you won’t need to replant them this year but not too many that they’ll take up all of your space again next year! One good rule of thumb is about 12 inches apart each way (in rows) or 4 feet apart if planting individually in pots or raised beds. If you plan on using trellises then double these amounts as well since most strawberry varieties need at least 6 feet between supports per fruit cluster. Remember though, bigger doesn’t mean better – less isn’t always more either!

How do I keep my strawberries from getting bugs?