When Is The Best Time To Transplant Perennials


Spring. In the spring, plants are actively growing and can be transplanted at a young age. This is also a good time to transplant shade trees, shrubs and annuals because they will not have grown as large by summer’s end. If you wait until fall to do your plantings, many perennials will simply bolt over the winter into unproductive woody growth that doesn’t provide enough new foliage or flowers for next year’s garden! Another reason spring is great time to transplant perennials is it allows more than one season of growth on some species before seeing them flower again in their second year after planting (based on the number of years between planting dates). For example, daffodils come back twice from seed planted in late May; tulips bloom three times if planted March through June; hyacinths bloom every other year with two-year intervals between flowering if planted September through December; butterfly bush blooms once each season with four-year intervals between flowering if planted August through October; hollyhocks bloom every other month with five-month intervals between flowering if planted April/May through July/August (see chapter 8 for more information about hollies).

11 Growing Your Own Lavender

Lavender can be very attractive when used as an accent plant around herb gardens or even indoors near tables where food is served. Many people use lavender just for its scent alone but there are numerous uses for