When Is The Best Time To Transplant Peony Bushes


Plant peony bushes in the spring to enjoy peonies throughout the summer.

Peonies need good drainage and fertile soil, so choose a site with these characteristics. Peony roots are shallow, so transplanting them will not cause problems if you do it during cool months when their root systems can tolerate less heat than in warmer weather. However, once temperatures soar during summer months, they may require shade or more protection from the hot sun.

Planting Peonies

1 Prepare your garden bed by digging up any weeds that might compete with peonias for space and nutrients; be sure to remove all perennial weeds such as dandelions before installing new perennials (see Chapter 4). Dig about 6 inches down to loosen compacted soil; follow this step carefully because setting plants too deeply could injure roots or lead to rot at planting time. Also make sure there is no path of water runoff near where you’ll place your peonies (Figure 5-3). Fill in low spots around each plant until watered thoroughly; then tamp down well with landscape fabric or several layers of newspaper dipped into sphagnum moss (see Resources section) to keep soil evenly moist until new roots begin growing through taproot system (usually within 3 weeks after planting). Wait another 2 weeks before installing trellises between plants for support and aesthetic appeal but also for easy access when harvesting buds or cutting stems later on (Figure 5-4). Keep mulch away from plant