When Is The Best Time To Transplant Ornamental Grasses


• The majority of ornamental grasses can be transplanted at any time after the growing season is over, but it’s best to wait until late fall or early spring before transplanting. In general, if the soil temperature has been above 65°F for a few weeks and you have had no frost warnings from your local extension office, then it should be safe to plant seeds. If you are planting in an area with a lot of shade or water that stays cool into the fall, then you may want to start earlier in February or March so that plants will have enough time grow big enough to survive transplanting later on.

How do I divide my existing lawn?

• To begin dividing an existing lawn, first dig out about 12″ (30 cm) of sod along one edge all around where you plan on cutting off two separate sections of turfgrass. Then remove as much vegetation as possible from under the sod using a garden fork. Next use your hands and rakes to separate roots from dirt by pulling up firmly against hard surfaces such as walkways and curbside gutters; don’t pull them loose! Continue digging and separating roots until only bare soil remains between each side (see photo below). You can now create individual patches by soaking them in water overnight; this allows root fragments attached to topsoil during excavation that were severed when they were divided last year (or last summer) to reattach themselves during watering events like heavy