When Is The Best Time To Transplant Asparagus


What is the best time to transplant asparagus?

Any other way you slice it, planting and growing your own asparagus is a pebble in your shoe. The thing about asparagus (which I learned first hand when my husband and I planted our first crop) is that it takes forever to grow. You can start seeds indoors nine months before you want them to be ready for the garden; but they won’t sprout until spring. Then they’ll help take care of themselves right up until frost kills them off at harvest time (usually around June). Growing from seed every year sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? And if no one else in this world has ever heard of growing vegetables from seed, well…I guess maybe no one grows any vegetables here! But really….if you’re willing to put some work into turning over soil, watering regularly through summer heatwaves, fertilizing regularly through winter freezes…the rewards are pretty amazing. To me….growing my own veggies means independence with food. It means knowing exactly where everything came from—and how long each piece took on its journey toward my plate. And most importantly….it’s something worth doing all over again next year!