When Is The Best Time To Transplant A Tree


Deciduous trees are fairly easy to transplant. Just check the soil for any weak spots, and carefully break up the roots with your hands or a shovel. Try to get all of them into one part of the pot before you dig in, so that they don’t end up at awkward angles on different sides of an upright root ball. If there are bulbs involved, be sure not to touch them until after planting!

Can I fertilize my transplants?

Yes, absolutely! You can use either liquid or granular fertilizer formulas designed specifically for houseplants. However it is best if you do not fertilize during active growth periods (spring & summer). When using liquid fertilizer please make sure to follow directions; overfertilizing will burn plants and cause foliage loss as well as burning roots causing damage beyond repair due to improper watering. Please consult our Fertilizer Section for more information about proper application guidelines and timing requirements when applying fertilizer products such as those used by AeroGarden® growers/consumers: http://www.aerogardennewsletter .com/article-feedback/liquid-fertilizer-feedbacks

What type of soil should I use? How much should I add?