When Is The Best Time To Transplant A Peony Bush


Plant peonies in early spring, and they’ll bloom for weeks.

How do I prune the stems of a peony bush?

Pruning can be done anytime during the growing season to promote new growth and add height to your peony bush. At different times of year you may want to remove older wood or cut back some branches that are rubbing each other or fall over. You may also need to thin out crowded blooms on tall plants so they open fully without crowding their neighbors beneath them. The best time is when buds begin to swell and reopen after winter dormancy, which usually occurs in mid-April for southern California gardeners and late March through April for northern gardeners (followed by rain, though it doesn’t always happen). Pruning at this time encourages new leaf growth that will later shade out any remaining dead foliage once cooler weather arrives again in June through July. Give your flowers plenty of room; let one plant grow several feet taller than another if you wish! If there’s a chance of frost danger, wait until the ground warms up before going outdoors with pruners in hand—it’s tempting but dangerous work!

What should I use as a mulch around my peony bushes?

The most adaptable choice is grass clippings from lawns across town—they’re free! Consider placing these clippings about 2 inches deep around both outside edges of an existing bed area as well