When Is The Best Time To Transplant A Butterfly Bush


The best time to transplant a butterfly bush is before it flowers in the fall or early spring. Transplanting can be done anytime, but if you wait until after flowering, your new plant will not receive the nutrition it needs for blooming and will look sickly.

Transplanting Butterfly Bush (Buddleja)

What kind of soil do I need when transplanting?

When transplanting, choose fresh well-drained soil that has good drainage. The ideal mix consists of equal parts garden loam (about 40 percent), peat moss (30 percent), and decomposed granite chips (15 percent). If there is no suitable potting mix available at your local nursery, seed catalogs usually have instructions on how to prepare a simple mixture of one part topsoil to three parts leaf mold or composted manure mixed with neutral grit—two ingredients that are readily available from many nurseries that sell plants for rock gardens or containers. A variation on this recipe may include adding two tablespoons per cubic foot of general-purpose organic fertilizer such as cottonseed meal while mixing the topsoil mixture—one more nutrient source! Be sure water drains away after planting so you don’t drown the roots during establishment. When watering newly transplanted plants in pots use lukewarm water only; use cool water later when they are grown out in their permanent location outdoors where temperatures stay cooler throughout much of the year. For plants grown outside choose well-dr