When Is The Best Time To Train A Puppy


The best way to train your dog is before he starts training you. By this I mean start early and set the foundation for an excellent relationship between you and your pet. When puppies are first born they go through a period of “socialization” which helps them learn how to interact with different types of people, dogs, other pets, etc., as well as what is allowed (and not allowed) in various situations. Socialized puppies will grow up to be more confident social animals that can play off leash without hesitation or fear; however if their basic training hasn’t been solidified during this time frame it could cause problems later on. The only thing holding back your puppy from knowing all commands at once is his lack of experience. Start early!

There are several benefits associated with starting formal obedience training right after birth: 1) Puppies have less ability to think due to being physically immature so must rely on their instincts instead; 2) Their sense of smell isn’t developed enough yet so they won’t pick up on signals that would otherwise guide them safely around distractions like busy streets or other animals; 3) They don’t have much control over their bodies yet so may run into things while running away from something threatening if left unsupervised after being released from the mother/vet house too soon – i.e.: dont let him out until about eight weeks old unless supervised by someone who has extensive experience dealing with new pups