When Is The Best Time To Train A Horse


The training season for most Thoroughbreds is spring through fall. The best time to start a horse is when you first get him. If you purchase your horse in the middle of winter, by April or May he will be ready for his first workout and within two weeks can begin learning basic commands such as: come, halt and go. However, if he was not already started on basic training before purchasing him, it is better to wait until after the first couple of months are up before starting any kind of formal training program with him. Many new owners try to push their horses too hard too soon because they want to see results immediately instead of allowing the horse’s body time needed for recovery between workouts/rides that are appropriate for its stage in development at different times during the year. It also helps keep your horse healthy by making sure his muscles do not become overused since this may lead to injury due to muscle fatigue which could result in pain or lameness during exercise or other problems later down the road. Some people think that early training makes them take less care with their horses but this often causes undue stress which can cause more issues down the line than just good sound handling would have done without all these added stresses!