When Is The Best Time To Test Pregnancy


If you want to test for pregnancy, there are many different time frames in which the tests can be performed. By knowing when it’s best to take a home pregnancy test, you can get the most accurate results possible. The earlier in your cycle you test, the more likely it is that your result will be positive or negative. It also depends on how far along you are, so if this is something that concerns you read our post with tips about testing early and late in terms of when an expectant mother should consider taking a home pregnancy test.

How often do women need to take a home pregnancy test? Are any other types of tests available?

There are many types of home pregnancy tests designed specifically for various stages of your menstrual cycle (first day urine/serum drug screen; first week urine/serum drug screen; second week urine/serum drug screen). For example: if you were pregnant at 6 weeks but tested negative at 8 weeks then there would probably be little chance that what was wrong is due to anything other than nothing being wrong with the procedure itself (e.g., no false negatives). If however it came back positive after several attempts (i.e., 10-14 days) then maybe there could be something else going on causing inaccuracies even though nothing was really amiss during all those attempts…just sayin’….this kind of stuff happens! So while not always necessary these extra steps may help give us