When Is The Best Time To Test For Ovulation


“It is very important to know when the best time to test for ovulation is. The answer, of course, depends heavily upon your lifestyle and other factors that can influence fertility.” says Dr. Adrienne Murphy-Kaul, reproductive endocrinologist at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. “If you are not planning on becoming pregnant anytime soon or have already had a pregnancy, then testing at any point during the cycle may be fine.” But if you are trying for an unplanned pregnancy or thinking about taking birth control pills — which may also affect your fertility — it’s best to wait until after menstruation has occurred so that there isn’t any chance of getting pregnant before you start using these methods,” she adds. It is believed that women who have regular menstrual cycles (every 28 days) will get their most accurate results by monitoring ovulation between days 10 and 13 of the cycle; however some doctors recommend monitoring from day 3 through day 11 in order to decrease false positives (tests indicating when ovulation occurs when tests show no signs).