When Is The Best Time To Take Your Temperature


The best time to take your temperature is first thing in the morning shortly after waking up. Ideally, you should get out of bed and take your temperature before getting dressed or doing anything else because if you are drowsy or have been lying down for any length of time, there is a greater chance that you will either forget to adjust the thermometer properly – which can lead to inaccurate readings – or make significant changes in your body’s heat production and heat loss (e.g., by exercising). If you do not wake up at least 5 minutes before taking your temperature, it may be unclear whether you took it right away; however, if possible try taking it as soon as possible anyway. The more frequently that people ask “when is the best time?” the more likely they are to remember their own personal routine when they go back home from work each day. In addition, establishing a routine like this will help ensure accuracy so that we know what our normal temperatures look like and how we can improve upon them over time with good habits such as diet and exercise!