When Is The Best Time To Take Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is the best way to get it. The FDA has determined that you can deliberately supplement your body with 1,000 IU of vitamin d3 every day without suffering any ill effects. To get this amount in one pill or capsule would cost you about $30 a month if purchased from a health food store. If you go the route of over-the-counter pills, look for five hundred IUs per dose and pay around $10 for 100 pills/capsules. Many places sell these products but they are typically not as high quality as those made by Nutritional Research or Sunshine Life Sciences (e.g., Carlson Labs).

The Vitamin D Council recommends a daily intake of 300 to 400 IU per day depending on skin color, which equates to 5–6 capsules of vitamin D 3, 15 mcg cholecalciferol [vitamin d3] calcidiol [vitamin d2], or 10 mg ergocalisole [ergocalciferol]. Note: This is only an estimate when using supplements alone because there may be significant differences between laboratories when measuring vitamin D concentrations in serum samples from different individuals.

In addition, some people have genetic polymorphisms in their enzymes that affect how much 25(OH)D is produced in response to sunlight exposure or dietary fat intake—which means they may need more than others!