When Is The Best Time To Take Venlafaxine


The drug is taken only once daily, at about the same time each day. You can take it with or without food. You should not stop taking this medication suddenly or increase your dose unless directed by your doctor. Stopping this medicine suddenly may cause serious side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness and headache. This medication should be used cautiously in patients who have a history of depression (with suicidal thoughts) or other psychiatric disorders including bipolar disorder, sexual dysfunction/impotence, aggression/hostility and psychotic disorders because these conditions may worsen while you are using Venlafaxine XR . Your doctor will probably need to regularly review your progress during treatment with Venlafaxine XR , both before any changes are made to the dose of this drug and periodically afterwards if necessary; however, there is currently no way for users to monitor venlafaxine levels online or determine how long they will remain stable over time (see WARNINGS ). Patients on Venlafaxine XR usually experience an improvement in their symptoms within one week after starting therapy; unfortunately most patients do not continue treatment beyond that point due to lack of efficacy or inconvenience associated with continued use which leads some doctors therefore recommend that patients discontinue antidepressant therapy upon completion of 4 weeks following abrupt withdrawal.(6-8) We strongly discourage sudden discontinuation except under the supervision of health care professionals experienced in treating serious diseases such as those mentioned above so as not to increase risk from adverse events occurring