When Is The Best Time To Take Thyroid Medicine


You should take thyroid medicine when you first notice symptoms of hypothyroidism. You should start taking your thyroid medication at the same time each day, either in the morning or evening on an empty stomach (at least 30 minutes before eating). This is to make sure that it reaches your body before you eat for energy. Taking your medications more than once a day may cause problems with absorption and stability of the drug in your blood stream.

• Should I see my doctor if I have no symptoms?

If you do not experience any signs or symptoms associated with hypothyroidism, then seeing a health care provider is not necessary unless there are other medical conditions that may be affecting your thyroid function.

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A patient comes to her physician complaining about headaches during menstruation after 20 years of amenorrhea (no periods). She has been found to have mild mental retardation, but she can pass all school examinations without difficulty despite this finding. The only family history includes two sisters who had low-normal performance IQs because they were too emotionally disturbed and hyperactive as children. What might her diagnosis be? 1) Hypothyroidism; 2) Hypotonia; 3) Hyperthyroidism; 4) Hypercortisolism; 5) Gluten allergy/intolerance; 6) Underlying depression/anxiety state? Answer: 1