When Is The Best Time To Take The Sat

chel of gold?

The crescent moon will be at its height.

When the new moon is round, it is time to take the satchel of gold.”

Now there were five men who lived here in this house; they had taken possession of their houses one after another, and they all agreed that if any man wished to marry a girl belonging to one or other of these families he must first get them married by paying each family two hundred pieces of silver; but when someone was about to do this for some reason or other, either because he did not like her husband or she did not like him, then instead of offering the money he would make an agreement with her father saying that if she consented to his marrying her daughter she should give him back double what he had given them; so when anyone made up his mind to go through with it in this way no-one dared say anything openly against him. One day however a young man came into this house and asked both these brothers how much they wanted for their sister who was quite beautiful and very clever too. They answered that they would accept fifty thousand pieces [of silver] from him provided only that no-one else could offer more than twenty thousand pieces [of silver]. But as soon as midnight drew near on the following day our hero went over secretly during the night and paid off every single piece which brought down their price considerably lower than expected: thus everyone thought everything was settled excepting those two