When Is The Best Time To Take Niacin


The best time to take niacin is early in the day, before your first meal of the day. If you do not plan on eating breakfast or lunch at work, then take it with your morning protein shake that you prepare before leaving for work. Niacin can be taken any time during the day as long as you are taking it with food and drink. The most accurate way to determine when to take niacin is by monitoring how much uric acid comes out from your urine sample after a few days of taking niacin therapy.

What foods should I avoid while taking niacin?

If you have been diagnosed with gout or hyperuricaemia (high uric acid) there are certain foods that may aggravate your symptoms and make them worse. If these foods cause discomfort for you, refrain from eating those specified foods until they no longer cause pain or other symptoms such as inflammation which could lead to a flare-up of gout or arthritic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. Foods known to trigger attacks include: alcohol; citrus fruits; chocolate; coffee/tea – hot drinks only; nuts – particularly peanuts & cashews but also macadamias, brazils and pistachios if they contain skin oils that contain oil soluble purines (“purine”). In recent years many people have found refuge in celery salt – this works very well indeed but obviously has its limitations! These include: red meats